Matting Agent

An additive added to attain a matte finish and/or to lower the gloss of a plastic part. Effective in lowering gloss of ABS, PC/ABS alloy, ASA and keep the physical properties of resin



  • Excellent compatibility with ABS resin
  • Reduces gloss with keep physical properties
  • Organic product

Application examples
Matte finish and/or to lower the gloss of a plastic part for ABS, PC/ABS alloy and ASA etc. Automotive interior and exterior parts, Home appliances, Viny| Siding, Trim Work, Print stock.

This is the video of Matting Agents

Item Unit Value
Appearance Powder
Particle Size 20 mesh Residue(%)
< 5
Moisture content wt% < 2
Packing KG 25kg Woven Bag, 500kg Super Bag
ABS (Heat Resistance ABS, MI:7 @ 220℃, 10kg)
Item Unit Value
Content phr 0 2 4 6
Gloss (%, @60°) 90.6 24.2 15.6 12.3
Izod lmpact kgf cm/cm (@1/8″) 30.3 29.3 28.6 26.7